MGB Woodwork and Fine Cabinetry

Fine Products From Vancouver Island

Contemporary wood furnishings and home accessories with a specialty in hand-turned wood vessels made from highly figured and visually unique wood. Designs are sophisticated, modern and organic. Locally-sourced and reclaimed wood is often used.

Round, yellow cedar side table on white background.
Contemporary yellow cedar side table. 2018.
Rocking chair made of dark wood on white background.
Maloof-style walnut rocking chair. 2023.
A white cabinet and fireplace built into the wall of a house.
Built-in cabinet and fireplace. 2023.

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About the Maker


Mark has worked in wood for over 25 years and has expressed the passion for his art in turned designs, furniture, and built-in additions to homes. His craft reflects the surroundings he calls home: the rivers, oceans and forests of Vancouver Island where he has lived since the 1990s. Material is also sourced from Vancouver Island.

Mark uses fallen trees, repurposed construction material, and urban wood to make his creations. He designs his creations with the utmost respect for the original source: the tree’s natural design and the environment it came from, always trying to incorporate sustainably sourced materials in his products.

“Wood is universally beautiful to man. It is the most humanly intimate of all materials.”

– Frank Lloyd Wright

About the Objects

Mark leverages the grain and color of wood to bring out the natural beauty of the material. Fine finishing and selective use of oils and stains bring out the best in the wood. Using simple lines and pleasing forms, Mark’s designs reflect the natural world of forest and sea around him – bringing those forces into homes all over Vancouver Island.